HawaiiSmartEnergy is founded to help you understand how you can adjust your energy usage and save money.

This will cut your electricity bill beforeEfficiency you think about changing the energy source and considering renewable energy.

This is what we call ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

We work independently and give  you objective    information.

Reduce before you produce!

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We can help you with:

  • Auditing your building
  • Performing your home energy score
  • Performing your commercial building score/Energy star
  • Explaining where and how much you can save on lightning, hot water, appliances and more
  • Information about energy usage
  • Consulting renewable options
  • …And we do our best to answers all your questions!

Energy is expensive on our Islands! We all can make a difference with the right decision. Get your information and choose what works for you. Reduce now your monthly payment on your electricity bill. This is money you can save for college, remodel, renewable energy installations, travel and more.

Our President, Ghissou Rosala, has a BS in civil engineering from Germany. She has continued education in energy efficiency and solar energy to help her clients to make the right choice to save money and be energy efficient.
She has years of environmental education and experience acquired in Germany and USA. Her goal is to give you information and help to make the right decision for your energy solutions.